Friday, October 21, 2016


    I am very fond of music it has been my favorite to listen too. It makes my day better whether I'm stressed out or just want to listen to some good music. I have tried to be diverse on the type of artist and genre I listen to because I have discovered over time some amazing artist by being open minded when I listen to their songs. Some artist I admire and enjoy their  music are Beyonce, Drake , Rihanna ,Bryson Tiller,Kendrick Lamar,and Chance the Rapper .Sometimes I like listening to songs in Spanish or usually when my family plays Mexican music . I like to listen to different types  of music and genre's because personally I have noticed a lot of the music expresses the struggles the artist went through and it inspires me because now they are so big in the world and have over come the obstacles they went  through ,music has played a part of my daily life I admire how someone can turn music and beats  into such great songs  I have become to admire and respect many artist .