Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Reflection on place and culture

I'm very proud of my culture as being Hispanic my parents have taught me a lot of culture and tradition . My parents were raised not the wealthiest people but have been taught that even if you don't have much whether its money to always to be honest,hardworking , and respectful . They have passed it on to me and my sisters . In a way  I have been raised to follow my culture and traditions for example the way we spend holidays it is totally different to the way someone else with a different culture spends it because culture and tradition  passes on from generation to generation I think it is something everybody should value and take respect of . A lot of our culture comes in on how we live on a daily basis what we eat and how the women in the house have to make meals for the family and the food is mostly homemade.Something I would change is equality through out hispanic families although not everybody does it but I have noticed once you are married the women always have to do the feminine jobs around the house and out side for example mostly taking care of the kids , and cooking for the husband ,cleaning, and many more that are commonly done . I would like to change the way women and men are viewed and make it more equal . I value and care very much  for my family and culture equality is something  I would change . Im very thankful to be hispanic and be able to discover more knowledge  and be a part of my culture. There is so many wonderful qualities of having a different  culture like living different than most people because I get to experience  having different foods and traditions.

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